Monday, June 18, 2012

kamp time!

Yes.... it's kamp time already!  I have to say that we were least prepared for kamp this year than we have EVER been.  It was insane how we were scrambling right up until putting them on the bus!

Look at these two...
You would think neither of them owned a brush!  Oh yeah... that's right... we TOTALLY forgot to pack brushes and combs!  We had to make a quick stop at Walgreens on our way to the bus to pick up all of the things we had forgotten to pack (brushes were only part of what we had forgotten).

The week leading up to kamp was crazy though.  They both had school until Friday and that was the day we needed to leave to get them to St. Louis.  Clara just had one hour of school (9-10) but Alex had a full day.  That meant we couldn't leave until after 3:30.  To complicate things further... Jeff was rear ended in our car on the way to take Alex to school.... so our one car had to go to the shop and we had to get a rental car big enough to carry two kids and two footlockers for our trip.

Clara had a great week with friends though.  An end of the year sleepover with school friends over the weekend, a playdate with one of her best friends and then a full day of swimming and sleepover with her friend from dance (in addition to only having one hour of school on Friday, she also had no school on Thursday).  We crammed in one last pre-kamp orthodontist appointment too.  Craziness.

Alex had a fantastic last week of school.  The last week was "boss level" which culminated in the CQ Olympics on Friday.  His homebase passed boss level and unlocked a new uniform shirt color for fall (purple!).  He also received a special award in the school awards ceremony... Best Minecraft Gamer!  He was pretty proud of that.  :-)

So, now they're gone and I have a million and one projects to fill my days without them here.  One of which is to finally get caught up with photos on here!

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  1. That is such a cool school to have Best Minecraft Gamer Award :)

    I hope they enjoy the camp - I'm sure they will!