Thursday, February 28, 2013

I lied...

... I'm back to project life style pages for my Bearski book.  In the end, I decided that I preferred the consistent look with using Amy Martin's Project Grids set vs. mixing and matching various templates.  Plus, when it really came down to it, this fits my current style more and the pages came together much more quickly.  And this is a project I want to keep moving on.  I have a ton of photos of this year at Bearski and I would really like to have the book done before summer.

So... here is my second take at this set of photos...
Project Grids by Amy Martin
Pagekraft papers by One Little Bird
Arrow and Snowflake from Star On Top by Amy Martin and One Little Bird
Dotted paper from Crazy for You by One Little Bird
Journaling Cards - Chevrombre by Amy Martin

All available at The Lilypad.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Good news/bad news in regards to my blog and projects.

Bad news first... I made my last Bearski book pages without consulting my blog and after flattening and uploading those photos, I realized that I had the events mixed up and the pages labeled wrong.  Currently debating on whether to change them or just run with our rewritten history :-)

Good news now... when I went to edit my next batch of photos for posting, I discovered that I had already edited them!!  All I had to do was save them for the web!  So, here are our MLK day weekend photos...

Jeff and the kids getting ready to go ski...
 Clara relaxing after skiing...
The obnoxious bug-eyed chihuahua (who is currently hiding under my bed because it's sleeting out)...
A new thing they added at Crystal Mountain this year is laser tag.  The kids really wanted to check it out...

Jeff and I didn't sign up to play (we had massages scheduled at the spa), but thankfully there were other people signed up to play...

This photo cracks me up, Clara taking out Alex...

They really had a lot of fun and wanted to do it again when we were back over Presidents' Day weekend... but unfortunately the times didn't work out for us. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Project Life: Week 8

It's funny how the weeks that I think we've got nothing going on, end up being the weeks with the most photos!  I was worried though... it was already a short week (due to me including Sunday in last week's weekend layout) and Clara starting the week with strep so we were tied to the house a bit.  But once I start taking random photos with my phone, it's hard to stop.  On the second page, our lunch at Pei Wei was nothing special as far as an event... but the kids think those touch screen soda machines are so cool that I snapped a quick pic.  I figure one day, we'll look back on that and laugh about how "space age" we thought those were.  My only regret this week was not getting out my big camera (yet again), but I've already taken some "big camera" pictures for this week's pages already.  Maybe it's an every other week sort of thing :-)

Template - Amy Jaz Designs
Papers - Made for Each Other a LilyPad Collab
"Gift" Card - Sunshine, blue sky & happy days by Little Butterfly Wings
Title Card - Titled Templates by Amy Jaz Designs
"Sunshine and Rainbows" Card - Color Me Happy Journal Pack by Amy Jaz Designs
Arrow Brush - Everyday Essentials Doodad Stamps by Amy Jaz Designs
Journal Card - 4x6 Chevrombre by Amy Martin
4x6 Templates - Paislee Press

All available at The LilyPad.

Friday, February 22, 2013


... on my 2012 Bearski book.

Clara was home sick (strep... ugh) almost this whole week, so I had a lot of scrapping time as I was tied to the house.  The first couple here have been done for a while, just had to save them for the web.  The second two page spread has been finished since last week, but I just didn't love it.   Still don't... but I have decided that I can't love them all and done is better than not done :-)  Finally, with the last set, I decided what I didn't love about the middle set... I didn't like being tied to the project life style templates for this entire book.  I'm already using them every week with my PL pages, I just needed to mix things up a bit.  I found a good set of multi-photo templates by Amy Martin and downloaded them.  I really wanted to embellish the last two pages a bit more, but I decided to hold back.  It already looks so different from the first few sets of pages, that I didn't want to go too overboard.   As I keep using these templates, I'll embellish a little more... just wanted to ease into it a bit.
Project Grids:  The Templates by Amy Martin
First page journaling cards and elements - Winter Frost Collection by Amy Jaz Designs
Last page papers and elements - Star on Top Collab kit by Amy Martin and One Little Bird
All found at The Lilypad.

Lots of 'em templates by Amy Martin
Paper and most elements - Star on Top Collab kit by Amy Martin and One Little Bird
Heart - Dotted:  Love Edition (recolored) by Emily Merritt
Banner - banner'd by Amy Martin
All available at The Lilypad.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

last day of Christmas break...

I am determined to get caught up with my photos!  I'm doing a good job with PL, but I am way behind on my regular photo posts.  My main motivation for trying to keep up is, that if I am caught up, it means that my photos are edited and ready to go when I do get the chance to sit down and work on the pages for the more detailed albums I have in progress.  I'm still working on photos from a year ago for my 2012 Bearski album... but what's keeping that project moving at all is the fact that my photos are already processed and ready to go.

So, here are the photos from our last day at Bearski for Christmas break....

Can you tell which child likes to have their photo taken and which child just wanted to get inside and have hot cocoa?  :-)

And finally, one of Jeff loading up the car...
I'm so sad that we're done with our trips to Bearski for this ski season!  They got another 2+ feet of snow since we left on Sunday.  Oh well...

Monday, February 18, 2013

Project Life: Week 7

Another week done!  I think one of the major keys to me keeping up with this is being flexible with the whole project.  This week is different than any other I've done so far.  We went to Bearski again this past weekend and were joined by my brother-in-law and his family.  I knew I would take a ton of pics that I would want to use in PL.  So, in order to accommodate this, I made two 2-page spreads.  The first two pages are pretty typical... except, that I only did Sun-Thurs.  I was grasping a little for photos, so that's why there's an overabundance of Paczki Day and Valentine's Day photos.

The next two page spread is of just the weekend.  It actually encompasses Fri-Sun (which means the next week's time frame will be another short one of just Mon-Sat).

Even with giving the weekend it's own two page spread, I still had a hard time narrowing down the photos.  I used so many that I didn't have room for the journaling that I wanted to do.  Oh well... maybe that will go into my annual Bearski book instead.

Template:  Amy Jaz Designs

Title Card:  Titled Templates by Amy Jaz Designs

Journaling Cards:  Color Me Happy by Amy Jaz Designs

Patterned Paper and All Other Elements:  Made For Each Other a LilyPad Collab

Template:  Amy Jaz Designs

Title Card:  Titled Templates by Amy Jaz Designs

Chevron Paper:  Star On Top by Amy Martin and One Little Bird

Filler Card, Patterned Paper and All Other Elements:  Made For Each Other a LilyPad Collab

All found at The LilyPad

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day...

For the first time in several years, I got to do a photo valentine for Clara!  She knew exactly what she wanted this year and we had fun with it!  Alex, on the other hand, is a junior high aged boy... so valentines weren't even on his radar.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

grey skies...

The next day after my last batch of Christmas Break photos (I've lost track of what day that was) it was a very grey day.  Clara wanted to get up and on the slopes when they opened to practice her snowboarding... Alex (aka the slug) wanted to stay home.
 A little warm up in Totem Park...

 And then time for the real deal...

She didn't last long without her brother there to keep her company, but she got in some good runs that morning!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project Life: Week 6

Another week done!  I had so many photos to work with this week!  This was actually my first week to not take a photo every day.  I think it was Tuesday that I missed.  But I had so many other photos to use that I took plus some from Clara's phone as well, that it really didn't matter.  I'm still trying to take a photo each day though... just some days aren't very photo worthy!  :-)

I had a lot of purple in my photos this week and I really wanted to tie that in with my papers and elements, but I had no purple!  I wanted desperately to buy some more digi supplies, but I decided to see what I could do with what I had.  I don't think it turned out too bad.

So, here's week six....


Template:  Amy Jaz Designs
Titled Templates by Amy Jaz Designs
Cards:  Chevrombre by Amy Martin
Crazy for You Papers by One Little Bird
Sunshine, blue sky and happy days word arts by Little Butterfly Wings
4x6 Templates by Paislee Press

All available at The Lilypad.

Friday, February 08, 2013

right after...

... everyone left (Jeff to the airport and his parents to go back home), the kids were out on the slopes. 

Alex went skiing... 
 And Clara had a snowboard lesson...
 After her lesson, Clara switched boots and gear...
 So she could go skiing with Alex...

 By lunchtime, they were ready to go!
I spent my morning in the lodge, by the fire, sipping a hot cocoa.... not a bad way to spend a morning :-)