Friday, January 30, 2015

Project Life 2010: Week 6

Like I mentioned yesterday... lots of bouncing around in my 2010 project!

Here's week 6...

I had a totally different photo editing style back then!  I had to make a decision to either re-edit the ones I wanted to use or try to duplicate the style on the photos I wanted to add.  I opted to leave the editing alone on those I had already edited and attempt to edit additional photos to match.  1)  Because it was less work :-) and 2) because that was my style then... I'm trying to stay as true to 2010 as I can and if that's the look I liked then, that's the look the photos shall have!

Created with the fabulous new Storyteller Quinn collection (link on pinterest)...

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Project Life 2010: Week 13, part one

Bouncing around a bit, as the right kits come up.

Here is part one of week 13, spring break in Missouri...

I couldn't believe how perfectly this kit went with these photos!  Anyway... now to figure out what to do with myself.  They're working on a water main and water is off on our block from 8-3... I'm going to need to leave the house as some point.

Here's the kit I used (link on pinterest)...

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

26 Things: The Confession

Things did not go as planned.

Speaking of plans... remember this?  I had it all figured out for 2014.  I even got the first four "things" done.  It was not meant to be.

Instead I have this...

And I am extremely pleased to finally have a completed project!  It is not the project I started, but I love the project I finished.

I have come to the conclusion that December Daily (how it is generally thought of in the scrapbooking world) just doesn't work for me.  I really, really want it to, but I just haven't figured out a way to do it that makes sense for me.

Here are my issues...

1.  I do Project Life.  The overlap between the two books was insane.  My 26 Things book was turning out to be just a PL mini book.

2.  What I really wanted to document with this were our Christmas traditions, which are basically the same every year (which is why they're called traditions).  I didn't feel like it would be a new book each year.  What I may attempt instead is a Christmas tradition book.  I thought about printing as a bound book... but I might do it in something like a Sn@p album again, so it can be added to as things change.

3.  Christmas is the worst time for me to take on another project.  During December besides all of the running around and holiday activities, I was also trying to stay current on PL, finish a 75 page gift album and make photo calendars.

I had other issues as well.  I really tried to finish up my project as I had planned.  I was still plugging away at layouts last week to try to finish it up just for the pure sake of finally finishing a DD album.  At that point, I didn't even care that it was just a duplicate of my PL album.  BUT... then the reality set in that I had nowhere near enough "things" to fulfill my 26 things requirement.  I was already stretching things and was still 8 or 9 things short.

I had my list of possible things that I had made... but to be honest, we didn't actually get around to doing a lot of them.  The kids weren't interested in riding the Santa Train this year, I didn't get photos taken of the decorations at church, we didn't end up going to Clara's school's Christmas concert (it ended up that the band didn't perform at all, she just had to be there with her class and I had to be somewhere with Alex that night)... the list goes on and on.  December just got away from us this year.

So... what did I do?  Well for some reason, I decided to do a photo-a-day in December to post to Instagram.  I'm not quite sure what prompted it, but I started it and saw it through.  I think as I saw my original project beginning to fall apart, it upped my motivation to keep with this one.  Last week when I found out that I was still short on pages, I wanted to quit... just give up and be done.  But then I remembered my daily photos from December.  They were all organized and labeled in my collect app, so I exported them, and sent them off to Persnickety to be printed.

It was not the project I had envisioned.  But it is done.  Going forward, I think this will be my December Daily each year, and they'll all go into this same binder.  Next year I would love to add more fun cards in between the photos, but I'm okay if that doesn't happen.

I still feel the *need* to come up with a hybrid project though... but what to do that would be fun, have a purpose and no real deadline.... hmmmmm...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Project Life 2010: Week 5

Skipping around a little bit.  I don't have the right kit yet for week 4, so I moved ahead to week 5...

I know I keep saying this, but having all of the tedious stuff done already sure makes finishing up my pages fun!  And actually, the tedious stuff, isn't all that tedious.  The fun of looking through old photos makes things really enjoyable.  It's completely different from laying out my current pages.  There are lots of photos of specific events/activities and not as many random photos like I do now.  I thought doing two years at once would feel boring since it was a lot of the same, but so far it's not.  Scrapping the two years couldn't be more different.  I think you can see some of that from my pages.  I scrap 2010 much more simpler than I do 2015.  And it's crazy, but 2010 has much more journaling usually since I was taking the text from my old blog posts.  I tend to bullet point my journaling a bit more in the current book.  Anyway... almost a month in and things are still going well.  I hope I can keep the momentum going!

Here are my supplies for week 5 (links on pinterest)...

Monday, January 26, 2015

Project Life 2015: Week 4

Things look a little different here, don't they?  Well... you know when you go to make just one minor change and that one minor change ends up screwing up the whole layout and for some reason, you can't just "undo", so you have to redo everything whether you wanted to or not?  That was Saturday.  This probably isn't the final layout of the blog, but it is good enough after the chaos I created.

On Sunday, I took a break from the blog and did my week 4 layout...

My style has changed quite a bit this year.  I really like it.  It's more of a creative outlet for me this year versus just memory keeping.  But I do worry that I mess with things too much.  Do you ever worry that you put all of this effort into your pages and one day you'll look back at your albums and hate the style of them?  Am I going to wish that my pictures were just pictures without paint splatters on them?  Trying to sort that all out right now.  I don't think it will change how I do my albums, it's just making me think more about what else I should be doing with my photos to preserve them.

Oh... the other new thing on my blog this week is a link on the upper right side to my Facebook page I made for my scrapbooking projects.  Click it if you would like to follow my projects on fb.

This week's supplies (links on pinterest)...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Project Life 2010: Week 3

The fun stuff is starting!  I'm still plugging away on the tedious stuff (another 18 pages laid out, ready to go!), but I'm getting to play now as well.  As I mentioned before, my plan was to get my pages laid out on templates and wait for fun kits to come out to finish them out.  That was the plan, but you know how things don't always work out the way you think they will... well, this time I think they are! I'm currently working with three different digital designers.  I wasn't always a great creative team member for them since I always scrapped current.  For example, they would come out with a Valentine's Day kit that released February 1st.  They would want examples made up to promote this kit before the release date.  I never had Valentine's Day photos to work with until around mid-month, actual Valentine's Day... so I was always behind with assignments.  The designers I work with are great and very understanding, but I still felt bad.  Now things have changed!  As soon as a designer sends out links to a new kit they're releasing, I scan through my stash of laid out 2010 PL pages and pick the week I think will work best and start to play!  I'm having so much fun!  I know I could have always gone back to work with older photos, but I wanted a plan before I did.  With laying things out in advance, I know my page numbers.  I've done three weeks with just released or upcoming kits so far... weeks 3, 5 and 6.  Nothing to match week 4 yet, but since I know my page numbers, I could go ahead and upload my finished pages into my Shutterfly album, leaving room for the missing week.  Also with laying things out in advance, I know I'm not missing the little things by just scrapping the big events (since this is a project life album).  I'm so glad this is working out the way I had envisioned!

Here's week 3...

The kit for week 3 (on pinterest)...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Project Life 2015: Week 3

So far this year, I have used the same collection to scrap every page of 2015.  It amazes me how different each page looks based on which colors I decided to pull from the set.  I really love how this week turned out.

Here's week three...

It was a really good week!  :-)

Here are the supplies I used (links on pinterest)...