Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Project Life 2016: Week 3

Clara had had a great school year up until this point with not being sick or injured.  This was our first big ordeal.  Clara started throwing up in the middle of the night, and since she had complained of a sore throat the day before, I assumed strep.  Made an appointment to see the doctor first thing in the morning and had no clue that we would be sent straight to the ER (not strep).  Her heart rate was way too high and they needed to get it down (assumption was that it was due to dehydration).  We spent the day in the ER getting her rehydrated, which would have gone much smoother if it hadn't taken 5 tries and an ultrasound machine to finally get a vein for the IV.

Here's our week 3...

Template - Pocket Template Maker by Mommyish
Highlights word art - Year in Review by Just Jaimee and Mommyish
Storyteller 2016 Calendar Card by Just Jaimee
Everything else - February 2016 Storyteller by Just Jaimee

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