Friday, May 31, 2013

catching up... part 2.5

When I went back through and looked at my last post, I realized something was missing!  I knew there were more photos and pages for my in-laws' visit last summer.  I thought I just missed them when I uploaded, but no, I never saved them for the web so they weren't even in the folder ready to upload!

So, here are those missing pages (in the book they go after the swing pics and before the sunset photos in my last bearski post)....

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Project Life: Week 21

Running a little behind this week because of the long holiday weekend, but it's done!  I never know which direction I'm going with colors and stuff until I get the photos on...  I'm loving this week's color scheme though!
Template - Amy Jaz Designs
4x6 collages by Designs by Lili
circle it no. 1 by Emily Merritt
red card - make today amazing by Emily Merritt
title card - titled templates by Amy Jaz Designs
oval frame - ovals by Emily Merritt
Remember this card - Hello Lucky by Amy Jaz Designs
Template: Amy Jaz Designs
4x6 photo collages by Designs by Lili
Michigan card - love my state cards by Emily Merritt
family. card - simple sentiments by Emily Merritt
circle it no. 2 by Emily Merritt
"sweet" - doodlings no. 1 by Emily Merritt
Instagram card by Cathy Zielske

All (except the Instagram card) available at The LilyPad!

Friday, May 24, 2013

catching up... part 2

So sad that I have not finished this book yet!!  I have a new goal though... I MUST have it done by 4th of July week.  I really want to get it done and get started on my 2013 book so I can work on it throughout this year vs. having this huge project to do the following year.  I also want to change this project a little to include more journaling... I started out trying to do that with this 2012 book, but as time kept passing and we got later and later into this year, I just focused on getting the photos onto pages. 

These pages mark the end of our summer there last year, which means the photos left should be a manageable amount.  Our other trips were weekend trips, with the exception of Christmas... but at Christmas, I was sick so I took very few photos.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel!!  :-)

As before, I'm not posting supply lists, but if you want to know about anything specific... just ask!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Project Life: Week 20

I don't know why I can't manage to post my PL pages until the end of the week!  But here is week 20....
Template by Amy Jaz Designs
4x6 collages by Designs by Lili
3x4 template by Designs by Lili
Title Card and all other cards - wow mom card set by Emily Merritt and Splendid Fiins
Template by Amy Jaz Designs
4x6 Collages by Designs by Lili
3x4 Templates by Designs by Lili
Circle it No. 1 by Emily Merritt
Circle card in collage - ahoy by Emily Merritt
journal card - wow mom by Emily Merritt

All available at The Lilypad!

Friday, May 17, 2013

catching up... part 1

I've titled this part one, because I'm pretty sure I have too many pages to include in just one post.  I don't know where the time has gone!  When I started this book, my plan was to have it done and printed in time to take it to Bearski with us over Memorial Day.  Well.... given that Memorial Day weekend is NEXT weekend... I just don't see it happening.  Unless I really get moving on it over the weekend.  So, since I'm so far behind on posting, I'm just posting pages with no credits.  If you want to know where I got something, just let me know and I'll be glad to pass that info along!

Here we go...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Project Life: Week 19

Ack!  I just realized that I never posted this week's pages!  This week has been a little crazy and off our normal schedule, so things got a little out of whack.  I was still on track with getting my pages done, just totally forgot about blogging them!  We're getting to that fun part of the year with all of the end of the school year happenings!  Gives me lots of fodder for PL pages, I just need to see how I do with keeping it all reigned in.  I've decided now that I really want to try to keep this year in one Shutterfly book instead of splitting it in two.  But that means not getting overboard with adding extra pages, since I think 120 is the max I can have (need to confirm that).  I'm going to be cutting it EXTREMELY close.

Template by Amy Jaz Designs
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circle it no. 1 by Emily Merritt
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what a week card - true statement cards no. 2 by Emily Merritt
camera card - spring break cards by Emily Merritt
week card - this week cards by Emily Merritt
I Love This - expression bubbles by Emily Merritt
4x6 collages by Designs by Lili

All available at The Lilypad!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Project Life: Week 18

This was a really fun week to put together!  Sometimes I seem to go on photo overload and have tons of photos with very little embellishments... this time I felt like I had a good mix of both!

Template by Amy Jaz Designs
Title card - Titled Templates by Amy Jaz Designs
3x4 templates and 4x6 collages by Designs by Lili
Journal Card - one hundred percent by Emily Merritt
Thumps Up - thumbs way up by Emily Merritt
circle it no. 2 by Emily Merritt

Template by Amy Jaz Designs
3x4 template and 4x6 collages by Designs by Lili
This Rocks card - ahoy by Emily Merritt
Heart card - headed that way (recolored) by Emily Merritt
Epic card - make today amazing (recolored) by Emily Merritt
Happy Day card - true statement cards no. 2 (recolored) by Emily Merritt

I almost always center my supplies list, but today it appears that I am incapable of doing so!  Strange.  Oh well.... everything available at The Lilypad!

Friday, May 03, 2013

Silver Dollar City...

On our last full day in MO... we made our annual spring break trek to Silver Dollar City.

The kids were very excited to try out the new roller coaster, Outlaw Run, but wanted to warm up on Powder Keg first...

They headed straight to Outlaw Run from here and LOVED it!  I'm not sure why, but the only photos I took were with my phone, not my big camera.  I included them in my PL pages a few weeks back, but I'm not going to repost them here.

It was a great day with minimal lines...
Thunderation is an old favorite as it was the one of the first real roller coasters for them...

See... very short lines...
They used to let them stay on and ride again if no one was in line, but this time they had to get off and go around again. 

The mere sight of the barn swing makes me nauseous.  There's no way you would get me on there.... not because it looks scary, but because I'm pretty sure I would get sick :-(  Alex had never ridden it, until last summer when they went to SDC on a field trip with camp.  His cabin rode it together and this time he wanted to try it alone...

 Once was enough for him... lol!

After riding all of the dry rides a few times, they asked if they could get ponchos and ride the wet ones.  It was one of those in between spring weather days.. warm enough to be pleasant but not warm enough that you would want to get wet.  Which meant the water rides had absolutely no lines.

It was worth the $5 each to be able to comfortably ride a bunch more stuff!

The Great American Plunge...

No clue what this ride was called...

The Lost River...

After the wet stuff, they decided to go back to riding roller coasters.  Clara wanted to try Wildfire... so the three of us all rode it together.  Then she wanted to go again with her brother...

 Thank goodness for Clara's bright pink jacket and shoes... it makes her easier to spot!

Finally, we trekked over to the Grand Exposition for a ride on one of Clara's long time favorites... the swings...

We had a really good day!  I have to go back and officially count, but this may have been something like our kids' 10 year in a row of going to SDC!