Friday, May 24, 2013

catching up... part 2

So sad that I have not finished this book yet!!  I have a new goal though... I MUST have it done by 4th of July week.  I really want to get it done and get started on my 2013 book so I can work on it throughout this year vs. having this huge project to do the following year.  I also want to change this project a little to include more journaling... I started out trying to do that with this 2012 book, but as time kept passing and we got later and later into this year, I just focused on getting the photos onto pages. 

These pages mark the end of our summer there last year, which means the photos left should be a manageable amount.  Our other trips were weekend trips, with the exception of Christmas... but at Christmas, I was sick so I took very few photos.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel!!  :-)

As before, I'm not posting supply lists, but if you want to know about anything specific... just ask!

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