Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Project Life 2016: Week 1

Aaarrrggghhhh... I still can't decide what to call my posts this year.  Isn't that crazy?  It's such a minor thing, but it's really bugging me.  I have changed the title several times now... curious to see which one I land on.  My overall project is called our Family Yearbook, but my weekly pages are the most traditional project life pages that I've done since the first year.  So, my current thought is to call my posts with my weekly spread Project Life and call all other posts relating to my book Family Yearbook.  We'll see if this sticks.

So after all of that nonsense, here is my week one...

Now, the info on the product that changed my project life world... the Pocket Template Maker Actions by Mommyish.  I'm totally in love!  So many possibilities, so easy to use and the clean look I was going for this year.  It does take a little effort to create a template from scratch each time, but I'm finding that takes no more time than trying to fit photos into a template that doesn't quite work.  Now I just open up the photos I want to use, go through them one by one and create a "pocket" in the size and orientation that I need.

Here are the rest of my supplies (links on pinterest)...

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