Monday, February 25, 2013

Project Life: Week 8

It's funny how the weeks that I think we've got nothing going on, end up being the weeks with the most photos!  I was worried though... it was already a short week (due to me including Sunday in last week's weekend layout) and Clara starting the week with strep so we were tied to the house a bit.  But once I start taking random photos with my phone, it's hard to stop.  On the second page, our lunch at Pei Wei was nothing special as far as an event... but the kids think those touch screen soda machines are so cool that I snapped a quick pic.  I figure one day, we'll look back on that and laugh about how "space age" we thought those were.  My only regret this week was not getting out my big camera (yet again), but I've already taken some "big camera" pictures for this week's pages already.  Maybe it's an every other week sort of thing :-)

Template - Amy Jaz Designs
Papers - Made for Each Other a LilyPad Collab
"Gift" Card - Sunshine, blue sky & happy days by Little Butterfly Wings
Title Card - Titled Templates by Amy Jaz Designs
"Sunshine and Rainbows" Card - Color Me Happy Journal Pack by Amy Jaz Designs
Arrow Brush - Everyday Essentials Doodad Stamps by Amy Jaz Designs
Journal Card - 4x6 Chevrombre by Amy Martin
4x6 Templates - Paislee Press

All available at The LilyPad.

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