Saturday, April 19, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 13 Part 1

Still behind, but I have finally gotten through spring break!  To stick with my 2014 plan of bigger photos and not limiting myself on the number of pages, spring break weekend ended up being 6 pages. I'm waffling on this change a little.  I'm beginning to worry that I'll lose some of the "project life-ness" of it all if I have too many pages... but it's my plan for this year, so I'll stay the course.

We'll start with the pages from our drive down to MO on Sunday and our trip to Eureka Springs on Monday....

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  1. Hey, you were in my neck of the woods! Eureka Springs is only an hour from where we live in NW Arkansas. :)

  2. I didn't realize that you were so close Jenny!!