Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 15

Well, apparently there are some benefits to procrastination!  I was procrastinating on posting, not really on purpose, just busy.  I had skipped week 15, but had weeks 16-18 done and ready to post.  Yesterday I finally finished up week 15 and when I started this blog post I realized that I had finished it in time to post everything in order instead of skipping around!

This week was way different for me.  Very colorful and "busier" than I normally do.  I've never thought of myself as a watercolor paper girl, but these papers from the facebook hop freebie kit from the Lilypad just happened to match Clara's solo costume perfectly.  I love how these pages turned out!

In other memory keeping news... Clara is still plugging away at her own project life book.  Her April prints arrived last week and we're working on her pages together.  I love that she's enjoying this and I truly love that it's something we do together!  I still need to take photos of her completed pages.  We've also joined a Project Life Random Acts of Kindness group and have had so much fun sending out and receiving surprise packages of supplies!  

Our next project I need to blog about is our travel journals for our big summer trip.  We've decided to do Smash Book style journals.  Clara picked up hers on Saturday and it is an actual Smash Book.  I'm on the fence about what to get.  Right now I'm currently leaning toward the Michael's Recollections Creative Chaos journal.  I love Smash Books, but I like that the Recollections one is a three ring binder.  We started acquiring fun supplies on Saturday at Michael's (and I may have impulse shopped my way through the Joann site later that evening).  My Mother's Day gift was directly related to this project too and I can't wait for it to get here!  I'll post more on that once it's in.  Next up, Clara and I need to find a good compact way to organize our supplies for the trip.

I enjoyed scrapbooking in the past, but never as much as I do now.  Project Life was the first step... I love the bare bones memory keeping of it and how the whole family has gotten involved with taking photos for my books.  It's at a whole new level now that Clara has started her own projects.  As we enter the teen years, I'm so glad that we have something we do together.  And hopefully it become habit for her, something that she can take with her for her adult life as well.  I'm also enjoying that with doing these projects with Clara, I'm slowly escaping my safe little digital scrapbooking bubble and starting to play with paper.  

Anyway... enough rambling!  Time to hit "publish"!

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