Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Go Cubs Go!

(yes... I'm still avoiding my photo a day photos)

The Monday before the kids left for camp, we went to our first family Cubs game of the season. Alex and Jeff had already been to a game (which you would know if I was caught up on my photo a day photos... but I'm not)... but this was the first time of the season that all four of us were at Wrigley.

Jeff and Alex got there before Clara and me (Clara had a ballet class) and had spotted the nachos in a batting helmet. They decided that they needed them. Once we were settled into our seats, the kids went off in search of them. While they were gone, Jeff was telling me how good they looked with all of the chili, cheese and other toppings. Sounded good to me.

Well... this is what they came back with...
... chips, cheese and a drizzle of sour cream. They made the command decision to not get any of the other toppings... so chips and cheese it was! Apparently they were very excited about this.

We don't have season tickets, just know someone who does. We've been buying some of his extra tickets for a couple of seasons now. His tickets were always in the upper level, kind of by the first bank of lights in this photo. But this year, he has new seats, and they're great!

This is the evening view from the new seats...
and the very off kilter night view from the seats....
The view is really good... it looks far away here because I had my wide angle lens on which makes everything look farther away.

So, to continue with the food in headgear theme, the kids decided that they now needed ice cream in mini helmets...
Apparently Clara thought spoons were too much trouble...
(as a bonus for Clara... the helmets fit American Girl dolls!)

And after several scoreless innings... the Cubs score!!!

So, at the end of the game, it was time to sing "Go Cubs Go"....

And finally it was time to walk home!

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  1. Yoohoo!! Missing your posts!! Catch us up on what's been going on since June!! :D