Wednesday, July 13, 2011

**please stand by**

We are experiencing technical difficulties. :-)

After getting Kirsty's comment I realized that I should probably let you know that we're all okay. Well, all except my computer. The problems started when I upgraded my operating system when we got the iPad. But I was still able to edit photos and videos most of the time. Now things are worse. What Jeff and I tend to do every year while the kids are away at camp is rearrange the house. So, this year we moved my computer (again, we moved it last year as well). Now it is at the furtherest point away from our wireless router and now, alas, I cannot connect to the Internet on my computer. I have lots of photos to post and video.., plus I have the potential to add a ton more this weekend.. I just have to get my computer connected (on my iPad now). I will confess that having the kids at camp was the downfall of my project 365 again this year. I made it until last Thursday. Oh well... I made it longer than last year. :-). I'm going to try to figure this all out next week so hopefully I'll be posting again soon!!


  1. Glad you're all okay...well, except for your poor computer!! I'll be looking forward to new pics and a fabulous update when the kids are back from camp!! :)

  2. well, with the 360 project, just pick up where you left off. Glad all are well. I assumed that you were taking a mini vacation while the kids were at camp :)

  3. Any luck fixing your computer?? Looking forward to photos from camp!! :)