Monday, July 25, 2011


Fast forward to 28 days later and it's time to see the kiddos at kamp!!

I honestly don't have many photos from kamp. I decided this year to take more video instead (remember my goal to learn imovie that didn't happen). That's a great idea IF I could consistently work my camera. But, alas, I could not and I missed a few key events while we were there (I need to remember that turning the thing on does not mean it is automatically recording... sigh). So I will work on putting together the odd collection of clips that I have into some kind of video to post here.... just don't expect it to make sense :-)

Friday night was parents' night. We got to see the kids, have a little opening presentation.. then it was time to go to their cabins for cabin awards and then to see the performance specialties perform.

Here's Clara and her kamp bff....
And Clara and her wonderful counselors...
I have video of Alex from the first night but no photos. I have to tell you that it is chaos on that first night (a good, happy chaos, but chaos nonetheless). It is nearly impossible to get many photos especially if you're running back and forth between the girls' side and the boys' side.

After the cabin awards and stuff, we left to go out to dinner while the kids had dinner at the kamp. Later we returned for K-Life which is their worship service.

The next morning we had to be there bright and early for boys' flagpole and awards (7:45, I think). At the awards ceremony, Alex won this....
Honor Tripper!!! At kamp they always go on a camping trip during the term. Alex loves trip! This year he went on Island, which just happened to be the same trip I went on my first year as a kamper!! He now has two paddles as he was honor tripper his first summer at kamp, as well.

After that, we headed over to the girls' side for their awards. If you look closely, Clara is wearing a Widow's Mite necklace she was given for being an "invisible hero" (someone who does good without looking for recognition)...
Notice how tired Clara looks and how awake and refreshed Alex looks. Apparently the boys' side all went to be on time like good little kampers while the girls' side went nuts on their last night!! Clara's cabin took their mattresses off their bunks and all slept in one big group on the floor (not until after they used those same mattresses to "surf" down their stairs).

They had an absolute blast and have already insisted that we sign them up for another month next summer!!

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  1. Sounds (and looks) like they had a great time!! Way to go on the awards too!! Such great kids!! :D I never got to go to camp as a child...I can only imagine how much fun it is!! I would have loved to have been a camp counselor!! LOL