Wednesday, August 10, 2011

one happy boy...

I have a ton more photos to post of our trip to Michigan but today I have very limited computer time so I'm going to post this one from yesterday instead.

My very happy boy....
Alex is in a day camp this week and next. It's called "adventure camp" and every day they ride their bikes to somewhere in the city for an "adventure". Yesterday morning started out with rock wall climbing at a local gym... but yesterday afternoon was the big adventure! They biked to Wrigley Field for a fitness day! They got to spend the afternoon ON Wrigley Field playing baseball and doing drills with actual Cubs players!! Alex ended up chatting with one of the players quite a bit and he gave Alex this baseball which he signed for him!!! So that's my very happy boy with his Darwin Barney signed baseball!!

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  1. Awesome!!! He is just beaming!! I love it!! :)