Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Project Life: Week 47

And just like that... I'm caught up again!  It was a big day of waiting around for deliveries and such, so I had the time.  Now this gives me some time this week to plan out my Daily December album.  I really hope I can keep up on both.  I've posted in the past about our family tradition of unwrapping a Christmas book a day as our countdown to Christmas.  The kids still love the tradition but have truly outgrown a lot of the books.  I would really like to start adding in a Daily December album (and maybe make some albums of pictures from Christmases past) to our books to unwrap.  I think it could be a fun way to keep the tradition going and to have fun reminiscing about previous Decembers.  Of course, we'd still have to keep our favorite Christmas books in there, but I think it could be a fun mix to have the albums and the books.  We'll see though... we're just a few days away from December and I still can't decide what size and format I would like to do the book in!

Well, enough of that... here's week 47...

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