Monday, December 08, 2014

26 Things: 1-4

My first printed pages for my album arrived!  It is so much fun to see them printed already.  I'm used to doing digital albums that I print all at once as a Shutterfly book once everything is done.  It's kind of neat to actually be able to touch the work in progress.

I'm still not showing the title page yet, since it's basically the same as our Christmas card.  But the cards have been ordered!

Here are my pages so far...

Thing one... this is our first official event of Christmas each year.  Thanksgiving night we watch the movie Elf.

Thing two is putting up our tree at Bearski and I made sure to document all of our new ornaments.  It's a little hard to see, but on the top row is one of my favorite new ornaments... an ornament of bears with skis that we found in Cheyenne, WY this summer!  It's perfect for our tree!

Thing three is the Holiday Trail.  It was the same day that we put up the tree, but I wanted to document it separately.  For the past few years, this is the one and only time my kids will pose with Santa for a photo.  It's the same guy every year and I'm sure it's someone we "know" from around the resort.  I can't figure it out though!  I may need to ask :-)

And thing four had us back in Chicago, putting up our tree here.  The kids weren't into this year... maybe because we had just put up the Christmas tree at Bearski, maybe because Clara was still not feeling well (she had come down with the flu two days before Thanksgiving), maybe it was because they both had homework... who knows.  It was basically just Jeff and I, except when we called Alex up to see if he could figure out why the lights on a third of the tree wouldn't work :-/

Now I've got to get busy on more pages so I can send those off to print!

Here are my supplies that I've used so far, you can find the links on my pinterest board...

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