Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the crystal coaster...

Saturday morning we woke up and it was rainy. We decided to go out for a drive. We thought we would head to a nearby town (about 30 minutes away) to check out the ski shop there and have the kids remeasured for ski season. But when we got there, the store was still closed for the season. So we picked a random local place to have lunch and then headed back to Crystal Mountain.

It had rained off and on and every time it rained they had to shut the Crystal Coaster (an alpine slide) down. Mid-afternoon it finally cleared up long enough for them to get the slide dry and the kids were lined up and ready to go! They had tried to go earlier in the day, but by the time they got to the top of the lift, it started to sprinkle and they had to run down the mountain!

Jeff and I grabbed our chairs we had brought for the drive-in movie the night before and made ourselves comfortable on the lawn to enjoy the break in the weather and watch the kids go down the coaster. (I'm very glad we had our chairs as I think we sat there for nearly three hours watching them!)

Beverage break....

Then it was back to the slide...

Wondering why they're holding their right hands that way? Well... they really wanted to record the ride down the slide with my Flip. I agreed, but they had to do a practice run first to see if they would be okay one-handed. They did great and they took the Flip with them on their next run! (Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure where the Flip is now... I'll look for it after I post this and hopefully have their video to post next.)

Alex really enjoys the coaster!
When it started to sprinkle again, they didn't want to risk having to run down again, so we left to find food. We ate outside by the golf pro shop and Alex ordered the special of the day... a hot dog topped with bacon and blue cheese!

Next we took a walk to the ice cream shop...
I think Clara's was called Rainbow or something original like that.

Alex and I both had cinnamon crumb cake...
It was really tasty!

After that, it was back to the townhome for another family game night! This time to play our new favorite family game... Phase 10!

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  1. Yes, that looks like rainbow sherbert, my favorite!