Thursday, September 01, 2011

Egg Harbor Fun Park

Wednesday morning my dad went to play golf, so my mom and I took the kids to play some golf of our own... mini golf! You'll have to trust me that we did it, because I don't have any photo/video evidence of the event. But that's what happens when I'm actually playing too and there are a couple of groups right behind us waiting for us to finish each hole.

After mini golf, Alex wanted to ride the go-carts...

After witnessing his driving skills the night before on the video game, I was actually pleasantly surprised by how he did in an actual vehicle.

Next they played some trampoline basketball (a little footage of that in the video below).

And, finally, they ended up at the arcade.

Clara decided to take a spin on the big wheel and won the jackpot....


It took them forever to pick out their prizes and then we were off to the hotel for an afternoon of swimming at the pool!

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