Thursday, February 06, 2014

Project Life 2014: January Misc.

Last year, after I was done with my weekly spread, I would notice that I would have some photos (usually from my phone) that either didn't fit on my pages or I forgot about entirely until after I was done.  Since PL is about documenting the everyday, it bothered me to abandon those photos.  Then, as I was looking at ideas to switch things up this year, I came across this blog post by Persnickety Prints.  It was about making a separate spread at the end of the month with all of those random, leftover photos.  I pinned it and planned to try it out.  Since I was done with my January weekly pages, I decided to see if I had enough leftovers to pull off this idea.  I didn't have a ton, but with some fun filler, I really like how the pages turned out.  And I really like being able to make sure the "randoms" end up documented!

This has also made me think about how I'm handling weeks that are split between months.  I want this to fall after the last spread of each month.  This month it worked out since I split Saturday (2/1) off because I'll have enough photos to make it its own spread.  That one will follow these pages, so February starts new after January is completely wrapped up.  I think I'm going to attempt that from now on, I just need to be aware and make sure I have the pictures to pull it off.  Amy Martin's All the Weeks calendar cards are perfect for this too... she splits those weeks as well.   Meaning, that for week 5 there are two cards.  One week five with the January calendar and dates highlighted and one with the February calendar and dates highlighted.  My books have potential to be much larger this year, but I'm totally okay with that.  I'll print quarterly if I need to... I just want to make sure I get it all documented and I really love making my pages!

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