Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 6

Another week with not a lot of photos to work with.  Thank goodness for the internet!  Specifically the facebook pages of different companies/organizations/events.  Facebook pages seem to have the best graphics for project life!  They seem to usually be sized to fit a phone screen (which is perfect for the 3x4 slots) or are square "instagram" sized.  I pulled the Super Bowl graphic from the Seattle Seahawks' fb page (which wasn't the right size for a 3x4 or a 4x4 spot, but I made it work) and the Olympics one from the NBC Olympics page.

This week also includes the second pic in the series I'm attempting of taking a photo of the kids in the same spot every month for a year.  I'm shooting for the first Sunday of every month.  I didn't look at last month's pic before we went out, so they're a little off from the original location and they switched sides, but it still works, right?

I used stuff from a lot of different places this week (links on pinterest)...

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