Thursday, March 20, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 11

Rolling right along with getting things posted!

Something that I'm pretty excited about lately (in regards to project life), is that for the past couple of weeks Jeff has been sending me a photo or two of HIS week!  He travels most weeks, so he's not in our day to day photos a lot.  Most of what I include in our weekly spreads has to do with the kids or us as a family, and since I am the one putting things together, I throw in things here and there that are just me.  It was time that Jeff was included like that as well.  His work travels are as much a part of our family story as anything else.  So, we talked and now he sends me the occasional photo.  This week it was a pic of the client he was at and a shot in O'Hare on his trip home.  The airport shot really helped with the story I was trying to tell about our Thursday nights, so I was thrilled that he had chosen to take that photo.

Enough rambling!  Here are my pages...

And the supplies (links here)...

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