Monday, March 17, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 9

And just like that... I'm really behind again!  Well... with posting, still current on the actual pages.  I have fallen into one of my regular slumps though.  I go through this about once a quarter it seems.  I think it's not really a scrapping slump, but a photo slump.  It seems especially bad this year since one of my project life goals was to use my big camera more.  When I have mainly phone photos to work with I'm just not as excited to work on my pages.  But, I just haven't had much lately that felt "big camera worthy".  And on the couple things that were... I didn't feel like lugging it around.  Oh well.. I'm just happy to still be current!

This week was different for me.  I think I like switching up the background colors.  I don't think I'd like dark backgrounds for a whole book, but I do like them on this week...

Supplies (links here)...

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