Friday, February 06, 2009


Thank goodness it's Friday.... this week has worn me out. Nothing bad... just a tiring week.

Yesterday I finally realized that Valentine's Day is next week, so I got to work on the kids' Valentines. They both had ideas of how they wanted their cards to look. I shot the photos right after we got back from the dentist (they got their molars sealed) and I worked on the actual design of the cards last night after dinner.

Here are a few from Alex's little photo shoot....
I was playing with different actions.

With this photo... I never realized how square Alex's head is!

Anyway... cards are done and have been sent off to the printers. Hopefully I'll have them by Monday or Tuesday. I'll post them once I get them sent off to the grandparents or on Valentine's Day... whichever comes first. :-)

Well... that's it for me this morning... we're really unexciting around here. I'm off to walk the dog!

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