Monday, February 02, 2009

wow.... has it really...

...been a week since I last blogged here? Sorry about that.

It really was a rather uneventful week though. Just our usual routine... the only thing added into the mix was dental appointments on Wednesday (all good... none of us had cavities).

The kids had a joint music lesson on Friday and I video taped a bit of it... however, I'm having issues with uploading it. If I get it figured out, I'll post it here.

Yesterday we had planned on having a few people over for the Super Bowl... but at the last minute plans fell through and we didn't. It was all good though.... Alex's friend from swim came over to play for a bit and then Jeff and I finished watching the game while Alex and Clara watched the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet... popping in occasionally to check the score.

Earlier in the day they had decorated some break and bake cookies.

Here is Clara decorating her red and white Arizona Cardinal cookies...
And Alex decorating his Pittsburgh Steeler cookies...
He had wanted to do yellow and black sprinkles but they were out at the grocery store. So, he decided to go with yellow, red and blue like the Steeler logo. They didn't look very "Steeler-ish" but they were very festive!

This week is just another normal week. It is sign up week for a few of their activities so I'm trying to sort out schedules, yet again. Other than that... nothing exciting in the works for the week.

I'll try not to go another week without posting!

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  1. good to see the update. im totally in love with your kitchen. Tell Clara and Alex their cookies look good and are making me hungry!