Monday, January 26, 2009

just one of the boy

Not sure I'm "loving it" but he's a tough one to photograph... sigh.

Oh well... it's the best I have for now.

I've been MIA again... time just gets away from me, plus I haven't taken many photos lately.

Let's see...

Friday the kids and I went to see the Chicago Symphony Orchestra with some of our homeschooling friends. That night Clara had ballet.

Saturday Clara had ballet and latin dance and Alex had swim. We spent the afternoon getting some things in order for the big rearranging thing we've got going on downstairs. Then that night was family night. It was Alex's pick and he picked Prince Caspian. Watching that movie really made me want to reread the Narnia books.

Sunday was church. Then Alex had guitar and Clara had an audition for a summer intensive dance program. It's at the same place where she takes dance so I'm not sure the "need" for the audition, but it's done now. After that it was back home again for dinner, bath and bed.

See... nothing exciting.... oh wait... there was a little that was exciting... we finally picked out and ordered Clara's new bedding. It looks super cute online... I can't wait for it to get here! We also order two super cool shower curtains for the kids' bath. I'm excited to get started on our project!

Okay... gotta run!

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  1. So, are the kids switching rooms? That seems like a pretty big undertaking. What prompted the switch?