Sunday, January 18, 2009

Go Ramblers!

Yesterday after dance and swim we took the kids to a Loyola University Men's Basketball game. Every time we do stuff like this, I always wonder why we don't do these things more often.... the tickets are very affordable, Alex loves watching the game and Clara enjoys the cheerleaders and dancers. It made for a fun indoor winter activity for us!

Here are the kids before the game....
and then a few shots from the game....

I can't believe we used to live right down the street from Loyola and never really took advantage of all it has to offer. Oh well... live and learn.

Other than that... we've been pretty boring. With the bitter cold weather at the end of last week we stayed inside as much as possible and I took no photos. However, I wish I would have had our little camera that does video on Friday... Alex and Clara had been working on a song together with their instruments so Alex took his guitar with him to Clara's violin lesson on Friday. Clara's violin teacher was thrilled and went out and tracked down Alex's guitar teacher in the hall... the four of them ended up playing together, which unfortunately meant I had to help sing! :-) I honestly can't say enough about their teachers... they are just fabulous, fun people and we're lucky to have them for instructors.

Oh... to illustrate our boring we've been.... our big highlight this weekend was getting a new vacuum. Our old one isn't officially dead but the whole side panel is missing so when you vacuum the belt comes off and you have to continually reattach it. Alex is absolutely giddy over our new vacuum and will demonstrate it and all of its features to anyone who will listen. The plus side is that we've got some really clean carpets now! :-)

Okay... the boys are building a trebuchet out of legos and I'm going to go check it out!

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  1. Hi and thanks for stopping by...and Yep, it's a trebuchet alright. It was very cool to see it in action. Good luck on your project and I look forward to reading through your blog.