Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Yesterday was a good day in spite of the very chilly temps.

Alex had a class yesterday afternoon so Clara and her friend played at the nature museum.

We were lucky enough to be walking by just as they were getting ready to feed two of the turtles.

Here is Stinky the Musk Turtle with his dinner...
It was really cool to see and to be able to ask questions. We learned quite a bit.

But yesterday Clara and her friend were interested in only so much "learning", so we headed to the play area for a while...It was COMPLETELY empty! They had a great time playing until time to pick up Alex and her friend's older sister.

One of Alex's friends was in his class and they decided that they should have a playdate after class. So, we decided to skip swim (wasn't looking forward to getting wet haired children home in sub-zero windchills anyway) and Alex went straight over to his friend's house after we got home. Clara went over once her friend (Alex's friend's sister) got home from dance. They had an absolutely fabulous time and came home just in time to head to bed! :-)

Yikes! Time to figure out what's for lunch!

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