Monday, March 23, 2009

Cancun Day 1

Or perhaps a better title would be...

Fun with My New Toy :-)

For our trip to Cancun, I purchased a new point and shoot camera. I got the Pentax Optio W60
based on the recommendation of a friend. (I actually purchased my camera through B&H, but when I looked it up to link it, the camera is showing up over $60 higher than what I paid for it a couple of weeks ago... the one on amazon is closer to the price I paid.)

Last year when we went to Hawaii I bought several disposable underwater cameras. They aren't particularly cheap and the kids went through them in under 5 minutes... mostly blurry photos of rocks or each other. By the time we purchased the cameras and then paid for film developing and having the photos put on CD we had invested quite a bit and really didn't have much to show for it. This is how I justified my purchase :-)

Well... let me just say that I'm in LOVE! I had so much fun taking a camera places that I normally wouldn't have. Our first full day in Cancun we went to the Wet 'n Wild Waterpark. Typically, I wouldn't have brought a camera at all... not even a disposable. But this time, I had my little waterproof camera!

I took it into the wave pool!

and then to have some ice cream...

(Alex LOVES his ice cream!)

Then the camera went with me to ride the "bubba tub" waterslide....
(I tried taking photos going down the slide but only ended up with one blurry photo of my

Next it was off to the Lazy River...
(I think Clara is doing the salsa... something from her latin dance class)

Clara was making faces underwater and the current of the river kept pushing her forward, so some of those photos became extreme close-ups....
(Hmmmm..... do you think she'll need braces?)

I didn't take a ton of photos this trip... but I do have quite a few more to post. They may be slow going as I came back with a chest cold and haven't been spending too much time at my computer.

More photos to come....

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