Sunday, February 13, 2011

days 41-43

The past few days have been rough.... but I think we're finally on the road to recovery (provided no one else goes down).

Thursday night during Clara's last dance of the evening, she comes out for a water break, collapses into my arms and starts sobbing. She said that her throat hurt really bad. Her teacher said to just go on home, so we did (we were going to anyway, but I'm glad he saw that she needed to also).

We hopped in a cab and came straight home. Her throat was really swollen and red, plus her temp was 102. She said she was hungry, so I heated up some soup for her.

Day 41....
It was a really rough night. She woke up around 1:00am because her throat was bothering her and came in with us at around 2:00. I don't think any of us slept the rest of the night. Per the recommendation of our neighbor, we decided to try one of the quick clinics at one of the pharmacies. Jeff ended up taking her to the Walgreen's Take Care Clinic since it opened the earliest. Her temp was 103 at this point and she was miserable! The Take Care Clinic experience was amazing... they got her right in, prescription was immediately sent to the pharmacy right there in the store and the whole outing ended up taking about an hour! According to the PA there, she had "a raging case of strep".

Day 42....
Neither of the kids have ever had strep before and Clara hadn't even been to the doctor for a sick visit in over three years. Friday was another rough day. But I went to the redbox nearby and stocked up on movies (LOVE redbox!).... so things weren't too bad. By bedtime we were seeing improvement.

On Saturday, Jeff had planned on taking the kids skiing again for the day... but Clara wasn't going to be able to go now. Jeff and Alex went on without her and Clara and I entertained ourselves for the day. She was feeling much better (not 100% but much better), so we decided to go for a walk. We ended up at Michael's and we ended up walking out with a big bag of craft kits.

Day 43...
... here she is working on her latch hook kit. She also got shrinky dinks, Valentine suncatchers to paint, a beginner needlepoint kit AND some make your own flower covered peace sign kit. On our way home we stopped by 7-11 to return our movies. While we were there, we went in for a treat. She decided that a big giant blue raspberry slurpee would feel good on her throat. :-)

She's still improving but we're still taking it easy. Jeff and Alex are at church this morning without us. Clara was very sad that she wasn't able to go, as their choir is singing in "big church" this morning (and she loves the song that they're singing). But I just really need her to get better!

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