Sunday, May 15, 2011

the pre-recital photos

Taking a quick break from my photo a day posting project.

Yesterday afternoon we made an attempt at taking some photos of Clara in her dance recital costumes. The weather was definitely NOT cooperating with us! It had been warm (actually hot) and summer-like a few days before... but yesterday it was cold (50's) and raining. But since it was our only option, we had to make an attempt.

The first costume, the Ukrainian Dance costume, went well....

I LOVE that costume! I also love that they do the traditional folk dances in her class AND that they have traditional looking costumes.

Next up was her costume for the Waltz of the Flowers...

Notice how there are only two photos (and no photos of her other two costumes). Right after this last photo, Clara got the brilliant idea to run up the sidewalk and leap. Not the brightest idea under the best of circumstances but yesterday the sidewalk was wet and slick. I was just walking behind her so I saw the whole thing go down. She tripped as she came down, slipped and slid down the sidewalk on her side. Her pure white costume had a big wide stripe of dirt and grass stain down the side. I was nearly ill. Her teacher is crazed enough on recital day without adding this to the mix. So, we rushed in and immediately set to trying every stain removal technique we could find. Finally, by bedtime, we had accomplished our goal and had erased (almost) all of the traces of the "accident". Thank goodness it was only dirt and she hadn't hurt herself or ripped the costume! Hopefully I'll get some photos of the other two costumes when she's on stage today!

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