Wednesday, July 11, 2012

the rest of the trip...

Not too many photos to finish out the rest of our week away.  I really need to take more, but I don't really think about it as much when the kids aren't with us!

On the 5th, we decided to check out a beach we hadn't been to before.  Our realtor had told us about it a while back, but we hadn't had the chance to check it out yet.  It was off the beaten path a bit, with a drive down a winding, single lane, dirt road, but it was so worth it once we got there!

Look at the view...
 Clear cool water...
But it was packed!!!
LOL!  It was so not.  It was great.... and we didn't even get there until around 11am.  To be fair, if I would have taken the shot to our left, you would have seen a family quite a ways down.  We sunned and swam for a couple of hours.... it was so nice.  By the time we were leaving, it was starting to pick up, but still, nowhere near crowded.  This is one we'll have to take the kids to once they're back.

Friday, we went back to Frankfort to have lunch and more fully check out the town and the beaches there.  We had gotten a glimpse of things on the 4th, but wanted to see it again, without so many people.  It is a really cute little town with a nice beach... another place to take the kids.  I did take a couple of photos here, but they were all with my phone... I guess I need to make one more post about this trip with all of my phone photos.

Saturday was our last full day, so we decided to go out right and spent the morning at the spa.  We both had massages... what a perfect way to end our week!

Sunday was our day to pack up and leave :-(

As we were getting packed, I spotted the mischief maker who had been draining our new bird feeder...
He was actually very cute and I don't mind him one bit.  Yes, we put up feeders to see birds, but, bigger than that, we put them up in order to watch wildlife.  And this little one's antics were pretty wild.  I wish I would have brought one of my zoom lenses, so I could have captured more of them.

And finally, one last shot.... a photo of our feeders which Jeff hung up for me on our work day...
They're right in front of the porch and the big windows on the front of the house... a very good viewing spot!

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