Monday, July 21, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 25

So, week 25 marks my first ever one page layout for a week.  I don't know what happened that week... but when I sat down to do my page I realized that I only had three photos to use!  I was able to take another that had to do with that week (Alex's folder) and take a screen shot from a video I took to beef things up, but it was still a little sparse.  I just couldn't stretch it into a two page spread... so a one-pager it is!  It's also the week where I decided to give up on lining up my journaling with the lines on the card.  It absolutely makes me crazy to look at it.... but it was also making me crazy trying to line it up.  I'm not sure I made the right choice.... time will tell!

Week 25...

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