Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Road Trip 2014: Travel Journal Prep Part II


So, one day I got this bright idea that I should make divider pages for each day of our trip.  In my original plan, I would map our route for each day and add that to the page.  Well... our plans kept changing... how many days we would be gone, what we would be seeing on what day... it was all a bit in flux.  I still really wanted to do the dividers and still wanted to document our route, so I used Emily Merritt's outline map of the US instead of an actual map.  This way I can still map our route, but this is more forgiving.  I printed an extra couple of days... just in case.  All of the bases seem to be covered!

The other thing I had printed was a large selection of embellishments and journaling cards.  I decided to try something new here.  I had them all printed on sticker paper!  I had shopped and shopped for stickers for this trip, but really didn't find anything I liked.  Everything seemed too 3-D and I had a feeling this book was going to be thick enough when it's done without adding extra bulk.  I wanted nice flat stickers... so I made some!
I hope it all works out as well as it does in my head!  :-)

The only disappointment is that I either mis-measured my pages or they reduced the image for printing. But either way... my pages are smaller than the actual book pages.  
I'm not getting upset about it though!  I truly love how they turned out and I think the different sized pages will add some interest!

Now to pack it all up!!

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