Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a new week...

... a new child in the ER....
... that's what I get for saying last week that we don't go to the ER often... sigh.

Yesterday I looked into dance class to see Clara with her shoulder hanging limp and tears streaming down her face. She was in serious pain but wouldn't stop dancing. Her teacher saw her about the same time I did and sent her out. She was sobbing and her shoulder looked "low"... so I called the pediatrician who sent us to the ER. By the time we got to the ER, she could move it some and was in less pain... but we were there so we had her checked out. Clara has pretty flexible joints.... she used to dislocated her elbow when she was younger. Sometimes it was not fully dislocate and would pop back in by itself. We're wondering if that's what happened with her shoulder. How does one dislocate one's shoulder during Ballet you ask? Well... I'm thinking it had less to do with Ballet and more to do with the cartwheels they were doing during their waterbreak... sigh.

It's always an adventure in the Radtke household! :-)

More Missouri pics to come later!

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  1. man trace, you got me beat and you only have TWO kids!
    poor clara.