Wednesday, June 18, 2008

on the road to recovery....

...I hope! :-)

Yesterday I thought we were doing well, Alex's fever was gone and he was getting around fine. So we dropped off Clara at dance intensive and headed for the doctor's office for his re-check. Well... they didn't like the way his foot looked at all and even though he was fever-free they sent us to the ER to see if he needed IV antibiotics. They said that we needed to go fairly quickly but it wasn't a huge rush. So we walked back to Clara's dance class. Since she had about an hour left I decided not to pull her out but to leave Alex there with a friend of mine while I ran home to walk the dog and pack overnight bags for both Alex and Clara in case they kept him for the night. Ran back to dance just as Clara was getting out and as soon as she was done changing clothes, we jumped in a cab to the ER.

One of the fabulous things about living in the city is that there is a children's hospital (Children's Memorial). Thankfully, it is very rare that we have to go to the ER, but having spent nearly four hours just in the waiting room of a regular ER, going to Children's is a dream. You immediately see a triage nurse to assess where you should go (ER or Urgent Care), then sent to the waiting area. I was immediately called up to do the paperwork stuff and before I had even signed all of the papers, they had called Alex back to an exam room. Since I wasn't quite ready, the nurse sat with Alex and Clara and chatted with them while I finished up. How nice is that?

After that we went back to our little curtained cubicle where we spent the next 2 hours.

Here's Alex lounging on the bed....
I took it with my phone. That became our entertainment after a while.... them posing for pictures and then looking at them and laughing.... whatever it takes to stay sane! The first doctor took our info and examined his foot. She was ready to admit him for IV antibiotics but wanted to check with the attending physician first. The attending physician opted to change his antibiotics (he had gotten a rash after taking the first stuff) and send him home.

So, we went home, stopping at the pharmacy and then a pizza place for dinner. We go back tomorrow for another re-check. Let's hope they think he's doing better this time!

Oh... and now they're not sure about it being a spider bite, they think it might be Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus... fun!

That's it! Hopefully all of this craziness will clear up soon and I can get back to posting photos from our trip to Missouri!


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  1. Tracie - Just wanted you to know that I'm praying for you and Alex (and the whole family). Trusting God to use these antibiotics to clear this infection from his system. It sure can be scary being a parent when you can't "fix" what's wrong.

    You're an inspiration and great testimony of God's amazing grace!