Friday, June 27, 2008


guess where we were last night....

yup.... the ER AGAIN!!! It's getting a little ridiculous, don't you think? :-)

Apparently Alex is allergic to this antibiotic as well. He developed a rash and then a high fever last night at dinner... I called the doctor and given the history with his foot, she sent us to the ER. It was reassuring to know that this was not a problem related directly to his foot (they're very pleased with how that is healing), but it's troubling to know that he may be allergic to yet another antibiotic.

We went to our doctor this morning for a follow up. She tried to sneak us in with a pediatric allergist today while he still had the rash, but it was a no go, no appointments until September. So, she wanted me to photograph him and email her the photos so she can forward them to the allergist.

So, here's my spotty boy...

he has dots all over his stomach, back and legs as well. His face looks the worst though. Oh, and if you're wondering why he looks yellow around his eyes.... it's because while all of this was going down yesterday, his eyes started stinging so he rubbed them....apparently enough to scratch his right eye.... sigh. The orange/yellow is from the drops they put in last night when they examined his eyes.

So, if you're keep score... in the past two weeks....

doctor - 5
ER - 2

ER - 1

Let's hope we're done!

I still have more fun.... non-medically related photos to post! I hope to get them up soon!


  1. good guys have been through the ringer...heres to a weekend filled with fun and no temperature taking

  2. well that must be it for at least the next 10 years right?!!

    get well soon Alex!