Monday, June 16, 2008

Update on Alex

We called first thing this morning to make an appointment to see the doctor but the first slot available was at 4:20. That was fine because although it looked ugly, the only other symptom he had was some pain. Well... it all went downhill around 3pm. He started getting chills, running a fever and was nauseous. So, we went straight to the doctor since it wasn't too far off from our appointment time.

The doctor thinks its a spider bite... specifically a brown recluse spider bite. I'm not sure this was reassuring but the doctor said it was the worst spider bite she had seen. They had to drain it which was not pleasant... we were in the last exam room and I'm sure you could have heard Alex screaming all in the way in the waiting room. They did cultures so we'll see what they find out.

For now, he's on antibiotics and Motrin for the pain. The wound on his foot is covered with neosporin and his foot is wrapped in gauze. They drew outlines around the edges of the infection this afternoon so they can assess if it's still spreading when we go back to the doctor for a recheck tomorrow. If it's still spreading, we go to the hospital... sigh. We had a scare earlier when his temp shot up to 102.8, but its coming back down now.

Parenting.... always an adventure! :-)


  1. yikes poor guy. Those hurt. Glad he got seen quickly. Hope it improves and you don't have to make a trip to the hospital.

  2. oh no! i hope it doesn't spread. i know those spiders are a nasty case. i can't even bring myself to click on the link you gave.
    poor alex, feel better soon bud.

  3. Hi its Tom. Alex I hope you're feeling good and better.