Wednesday, July 02, 2008

ahhh... summertime

it finally feels like summer :-)

June just didn't seem like summer to me... with Alex's sleep-away camp, Clara's day camps, five doctor visits, Clara's dance intensive and three trips to the ER it just didn't have those lazy summer days of playing outside that I love.

This week things seem to be changing. We've managed to go to the park everyday this week. Today Jeff came home early so he could pack for his trip to London and then walked with us as we headed to a meet-up our friend was hosting.

The first things the kids did was head to the splash pool area....
and then they ended up in the sand area (caked with sand)... here's Alex's volcano he built...
Dark storm clouds were rolling in while the kids played. Finally around 5ish... the sky looked dark enough that we headed to our friend's house for some arts and crafts on their deck.

Here are Alex and Clara painting bird houses....

They turned out really cute! I'll have to take some photos of the finished products.

After the other family that was there painting had to leave, the kids all went inside to play. I think we finally started home around 7:30. Alex kept telling me on the way home that he had had a really great day! :-)

I'm ready for more fun, carefree summer days like this! :-)

Okay... off to tuck the kids in (finally!!!)!


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