Sunday, July 27, 2008

weekend report


what did we do? well, perhaps I will start with what we didn't do.... the craft store did not open for business this weekend (thank goodness). My friend Natalie and her daughter came over for dinner Friday night so they had to clean up all of their merchandise. Then, once out of site, out of mind. Whew!

Saturday was low key. Just a nice little stroll to Blockbuster for our family movie night pick. Jeff and I got to pick this week and we chose The Karate Kid. Alex enjoyed it, Clara fell asleep. Earlier in the day we tried to sort out, as a family, which classes/activities the kids will do in the fall. I think we have it pared down to a manageable schedule... but we'll see once everyone gets their fall schedules out.

Today was church and after lunch Jeff headed to the 'burbs with the kids to swim at a friend's house. I had the afternoon alone... which means I accomplished basically nothing. I did go back over to the used bookstore and acquired new books (Tracy... I'll email you, but I got your book). I love used book stores! But, they're dangerous for me to go into very often. I'm in the process of purging old homeschool books so I have room for the new additions. I should have been purging this afternoon and I should have been working on my new assignment from Memory Makers.... but no, I was on the phone or buying books. :-)

I didn't take a single photo this weekend, but I shoved our point and shoot into Jeff's hand as he headed out the door this afternoon, so here are a few, courtesy of Jeff :-)

We have a big, busy week ahead of us... full of activities, outings and playdates, so hopefully I'll have more photos to share!


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