Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i'm alone...

... all alone... well, except for the dog. We're back from Michigan, after driving there this weekend to leave the kids with Jeff's parents for the week. Our kids are now very happily spending their time as fish at the lake. My goodness they seriously cannot get enough of the water.

We got to Jeff's parents' house Saturday evening and as soon as dinner was over they wanted to go out and swim. Sadly, so did the dog and if you took your eye off of her for a second she would be inching her way down to the stairs so she could go in. However, she's 11 and the water was up higher this year so she could no longer touch... it was more stress than I needed. I was so afraid that she was going to drown!

Here's a few photos of the kids from that night...

You know, we wondered if it was worth it to buy our own masks and snorkels for our Hawaii trip... apparently it was since they used them non-stop while swimming in the lake.

The next day Jeff's brother, his wife, their 3 year old and their brand new baby girl came over for the day.

Have you ever seen an eight-year-old boy MORE in love with a baby???

My goodness.... cousin Brynn is only a month old and already has a stalker! :-)

And then one last photo...
... Clara's back splash dive thing. :-)

I really don't know what to do with time by myself. Today I got a pedicure and went out to lunch. It was nice to just sit and read a book. Then when I got home, another box of homeschool books had been delivered and I can't help but to sit there and read them all.

Well... this has got to be short since I'm meeting my friend, Tracy, for dinner in less than an hour. Sidenote... it highly amuses me to have a friend with the same name. Every time we call each other we get started giggling after saying "Hi Tracy/Tracie, this is Tracie/Tracy". Is that sad?

Okay... I'm off! Tomorrow Deann arrives at my house so the adventure begins!



  1. Have a great time with your quiet! I've started switching day care with a girlfriend of mine that works with/for me and it has been so much better than either of us planned. We can get so much more done - it's been great! Hope you have a good week of catch up.

  2. It was so great to meet you, Tracie! Beautiful photos of the new baby and big brother! Just precious!