Tuesday, July 29, 2008

tuesday already?

This is how the kids decided to dress today. I like it when they match... it always means a photo! :-)

Yesterday was a really nice day. I love it when playdates work out for both kids. This one wasn't your typical arrangement but it works very well. Clara has a friend from dance who is actually Alex's age. Their relationship isn't so much a friendship as it is a mentor/student type relationship... no... that doesn't sound right does it? The friend is a very talented dancer who Clara very much looks up to and knowing that, the friend has taken Clara under her wing to help her along the way through dance. Its very sweet to watch.

Now, this friend has a younger brother who is a grade younger than Clara. The little brother and Alex spent a lot of time hanging out in the hall together while their sisters were in dance. This is where they discovered a mutual love of Legos.

So, yesterday was a very nice afternoon of Clara playing Polly Pockets and Littlest Pet Shop with the older sister and Alex playing Legos and Hot Wheels with the younger brother. It went so well that we're planning another playdate soon. It was also nice that the mom and I got to hang out and chat as well.

Gymnastics went well. We really like it at the new place. Alex is really loving it. I just have to figure out what we're doing for fall now since I picked up the new schedule last night and the classes they've been taking on Mondays do not exist at the same time and day on new schedule. My little rough outline for fall was counting on them continuing on the same day... sigh.

Today we went to the park so Alex could practice some of gymnastic strength stuff on the monkey bars. He's finally found something, sports-wise, that he, on his own, wants to work on outside of class. He worked on the bars today until he wore a blister on his palm, so now we're home nursing that wound.

This afternoon the kids start an art class. I'm hoping it turns out as advertised. It is supposed to be an actual art class, not crafts, if you know what I mean. We do crafts at home and other places, but I can't "do art" with them. So, I'm hoping this is good exposure for them. We'll see!

Well... it's lunch time and I'm hungry.... time to figure out what to fix!!

I'll leave you with the same photo as above but in black and white... I think I want this one on my wall at home. Not a great technical photo... but I really do like it!

We have another fun outing tonight after art class so I should have more photos tomorrow!

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