Monday, July 21, 2008

back to normal?

whew! what a crazy fun week last week was!!! I love CHA time... although I'm very sad to hear that it will not be in Chicago again next summer. :-(

I had great fun hanging out with deann for nearly a week. On Wednesday I met her at the "L" stop in Evanston to get her and her big giant suitcase to my house. I had managed to catch the purple line there, but the way home involved three different trains. We did good though. We had a nice lunch and then did something that afternoon but at the moment I have no clue what it was! Oh! Now I remember! We decided to check out one of the scrapbook stores here in the city. We looked up their website, figured out how we were going to get there and hopped on the L. However, when we got there, it wasn't there any longer... it had closed on June 30th. It wasn't mentioned anywhere on their homepage... just a post to their blog.

We decided to walk through the neighborhood around there looking at houses.... and then ended up at Minnies for a snack. What a cute, cute place! I had been by it a million times and heard people talking about it, but I had never been there myself. We ordered ourselves three little sandwiches to share (chicken salad, cucumber dill and melted brie and apricot... yum). We ended up sitting there chatting with the wait staff for over an hour. It was really nice.

Thursday we thought we were going to go out on a little photo safari so we packed up our cameras and headed out. However, it was hot... so after a trip through the conservatory, we parked ourselves on a bench in the zoo by the camels and people-watched our afternoon away. By the way... we never got our cameras out. From there we stopped by Windy City Scrapbooking for a quick chat with the reps from My Minds Eye before heading out to dinner in Rosemont with Beth and Beth. That dinner was just too much fun!

Friday was the first day of the show. It was overwhelming at times but it was great to catch up with people that I only see once or twice a year at CHA. That night we went out to dinner with this crowd.... so much fun!

Saturday Jeff took deann and I out to the convention (which was a nice switch from taking the L there). It was another great day. I got to have a great chat over lunch with Amy Peterman. But not long after lunch deann and I began to run out of steam and spent a nice time chatting and laughing with Pattie and Lynn in one of the snack areas. It was a really, really good time.

Yesterday Jeff headed out to meet his parents to get the kids leaving deann and I here with no real agenda. We had decided not to go back to CHA so we had a late breakfast and then decided to go on my neighborhood's garden walk. It was such a beautiful afternoon and I just love being able to peek at the backyard gardens that, from the street, you have no clue that they exist.

Oh... and we did actually get out our cameras...

loved finding this gnome, hiding in the corner... apparently the gnome belongs to the wife and her husband had her hide the gnome for the garden walk because he's not a big fan of the little guy...
and a photo to prove that deann actually took photos...

not a great photo... but can you believe this waterfall??? gorgeous...

such a fun backyard... not only was there a train but they use cocoa mulch, so the whole garden smells like chocolate...

Not long after we got back, Jeff arrived with the kids so after deann got to meet the kids and hear a bit about their trip to their grandparents' house, we hailed a cab for her and said our good-byes! sniff... sniff... it was such a fun week!

Okay.... I have some kid news but this post is entirely too long already. I'll write a kid only post later!

Happy Monday!

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