Thursday, March 03, 2011

days 44-48

Wow! I've gotten really behind on posting my photo of the day photos! This totally was my undoing last year. Previous years I was bad about remembering to take my photos, but last year, I was pretty good about taking them... I just got bad about posting them. Last year was the first year that I "let go" and opened it up to any photo, taken with any camera. That was great! It made it easier to get my photos taken, however, it meant that I had photos of FOUR different devices (this year I upped that to five... ugh). If I don't keep up on posting, I forget which photo was taken on what day using which device. I got so behind on posting last summer that I just lost the desire to try to straighten the mess out. This year I got a little smarter and I keep a list of the day number, the subject and which camera the photo is on. But it's still a little overwhelming when you're close to 20 days behind in posting. I kind of wanted to quit again instead of sort it all out. I decided instead, to take some baby steps, I'm going to post five a day until I get caught back up again. I can do five a day, right?

Here goes...

day 44....
... Shamrock Shakes!!!

day 45...
... Valentine's Day party at school.

day 46...
... post sports class treat for the walk home. Up until this day, he had always gotten something hot to drink... this day he decided it was warm enough for a cold drink. This photo was supposed to have been taken with my new cute little purse sized point and shoot.... but that only works if you remember to charge the battery! It was dead, so I had to use my phone.

day 47.....
... every Wednesday after guitar/drums, Alex and I eat lunch out. This day we tried a new place that just opened. This is Alex enjoying his chicken cevap sandwich. (phone)

day 48....
... what my phone is used for... to entertain Clara on the train ride to ballet (taken with my point and shoot that I remembered to charge :-)

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with days 49-53!


  1. Me too - hopelessly behind right now. And I want to just stop too. But will try to press on! :)

  2. I know! I so wanted to quit... but since I was still going good with taking the photos I decided to press on (plus giving up now would mean ending about three months earlier than last year... I have to at least go longer than last year). I loved looking at your photo a day photos... would love to see more :-)

  3. Thanks, Tracie! I did 2 P365's in a row and then last year did a P52. This year I tried the P365 again. But I *hate* getting behind in posting them. Thanks for pushing me on to get some caught up today! :)
    I love seeing all yours too! Will watch for tomorrow's...