Saturday, March 12, 2011

what the boys have been up to...


The very night we got back from our weekend away, Jeff ended up with tickets to the Bulls' game. He was supposed to go with a client, but the client canceled last minute... so Alex got to go...

They had a great time at the game! But while they were there, they saw an announcement about what was going to be going on there the next night. After a bunch of texts flying back and forth between me and Jeff, tickets were ordered and they were set to return to the United Center the next night.


And the event they were there to see was.... the Bon Jovi concert!!!
Alex was soooooo excited! He LOVES Bon Jovi (not quite as much as the Beatles, but they're right up there).
They had an absolute blast at the concert!

Alex has been hyped up for days afterward... he's still belting out Bon Jovi songs around the house. The next day was his guitar lesson, so his teacher found the music for Living on a Prayer and now he's learning to sing and play it!


  1. So cool! I used to love Bon Jovi - back in the dark ages!

  2. Me too! I even went to see them in concert in college (I counted up how many years ago that was and it scared me to even say the number aloud!).