Friday, October 21, 2011

10 on Friday?

Just doesn't have the same ring, does it?

This week spiraled out of control. Clara's pup was sick, so I spent a lot of my week being doggy nurse. She went to the vet yesterday and got a shot of fluids for dehydration and some meds and she's feeling some better. They think she got bit by something on Friday that caused an anaphylactic reaction (half her face swelled up) and that just caused havoc in her little system. Hopefully we're through the worst of it.

1. Speaking of havoc.... Alex is still on a mission to lose and/or destroy his school uniforms. Here are his pants from last Wednesday...
That's the aftermath of a game of capture the flag.

2. Earlier on Wednesday, I got to spend the day with my friend from California! We had such a great time together... it was so great to see her. Just as we walked out of her hotel, we noticed that the drawbridges were going up to let sailboats through. We decided to walk down to the river to check it out, up close and personal :-)
It was really cool to be right underneath the bridge as it was coming down. They raise each bridge one at a time. So, after this, we walked down and watched them raise the next one.

3. Our next stop was the newly opened Magnolia Bakery. Most of the times I've been by it, there has been a line out the door. At the time we headed over there, there was no line. There was also very little selection, but that was okay. I got the peanut butter and jelly cupcake and man, was it good! Peanut butter cake, with jelly filling and peanut butter icing! Yum! It was so good that I had to take the kids there on Friday for an after school snack. They both had the pumpkin spice whoopie pies...

4. We aren't normally in the loop on Friday evenings, but Alex had an audition at the Lyric Opera. One of his favorite things to do is be a super in the Lyric productions. (A supernumerary is an extra... non-speaking, non-singing role... a living prop :-) He'll be a Russian prince in their production of Boris Godunov. At the super auditions, you find out immediately if you're in or out and then go straight up to wardrobe to be fitted. Alex said that he gets to wear a big, perfectly round hat. Can't wait to see that :-)

5. Immediately after the audition, we walked Alex over to Jeff's office, because the boys had a big weekend ahead of them. They were off to East Lansing for the Michigan State vs. Michigan game....
Grandpa and Grandma met them there. They had a great time, especially since MSU won! (this is from Jeff's cell... he took a bunch of shots for me on the point and shoot, but I still haven't found the cord so I can transfer them!)

6. Clara got a bit of exciting news about ballet on Saturday! Hopefully I'll have photos soon!

7. While the boys were away, Clara and I had a bit of a girls weekend! We joined my friend and her daughter for an afternoon at Mary Poppins...
They had such a great time! Clara loved it, especially the Step in Time number!

8. Another cell phone photo from Jeff...
Alex and his burger that was as big as his head! He did manage to eat about 2/3 of it!

9. Hmmmm..... I'm out of things for this week and I've got to dash since Clara's birthday party is this afternoon!

I'll try to get it right next week!

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