Tuesday, October 11, 2011

this tuesday's 10...

I didn't do such a great job last week with my plan for a post a day. But I decided to keep going with what I have and hope to add the remaining days this week.

1. Thanks to the ipad training Alex is going through at school (they should get theirs this week! I think)... he now officially knows more about every piece of electronics in our house than I do. Last week when I was downloading photos from my phone, I came across a bunch of screen shots, like this one...
I had no clue where they came from or how you even take one! Alex asked to play with my phone at dinner Sunday night and he started taking screen shots. They had learned how in their training and wanted to see if it worked the same on iphones. My phone has been acting up lately, and, apparently, in my frenzied attempts to unfreeze it, I've been taking screen shots! :-)

2. Both kids had a day off from school recently. Although, not on the same day! Alex had Friday off from school. For his special day, we went to see Real Steel at the theater. Clara had off yesterday. She went to a friend's house for a sleepover (which turned into a slumber party). Her friend dropped her off at 12:15 yesterday and she was picked up at 12:45 by another friend so they could go to Nutcracker rehearsals (followed by class until 7:30). She was one tired girl last night!

3. Tomorrow I get to have breakfast with a good friend who will be in from California! I can't wait!!

4. Sunday I finally shot some photos for Clara's birthday party invitations (although, I doubt I'll get them printed in time to mail them out... so I'm emailing them for now). This is not the photo I used, but can you guess her theme this year? :-)

5. Alex's flag football team is still undefeated!

6. In Clara's dance class tonight, they're working on a tap dance to Single Ladies. It cracks me up! They have so much fun doing it!

7. This was the view out my front window earlier today...
The construction chaos next door is making us all a little nutty. Yesterday they were power washing the outside of the new building, making leaving our house like walking through a car wash. Today they were cutting up the concrete in the street... good times... good times.

8. In addition to the sock destruction mentioned last week... Alex has now officially lost one uniform shirt (he only had three to begin with.... as they are "unlocking" new colors soon) and has blown out the knee of one pair of uniform pants. Lovely.

9. These are evil...
Jeff bought them for me on his Trader Joe's run on Sunday. They are entirely too good. Thankfully (?) too much dark chocolate gives me a headache, so I must keep things in check.

10. Clara and I spent entirely too much time tonight looking for costumes for a dog that is too obnoxious to be taken out in public. She freaks out enough as it is... but being out with lots of people in costumes just might send her over the edge. She did okay last year, but she ended up tucked into my coat most of the night.

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