Tuesday, October 04, 2011

10 on Tuesday...

This is another idea I got from another blog.... 10 on Tuesday. A bullet point list of ten random things... and I'll try to include at least a couple of photos each time :-)

1. Alex is playing flag football this fall and loving it! Jeff ended up being the coach of Alex's team (definitely not a planned thing, but he's really enjoying it now). The league that they are part of is really cool. They put a lot of emphasis on good sportsmanship values. Each week highlights a different value and a medal is given to the child on the team that is the "Sportsmanship MVP". Last week's value was courtesy. As coach, Jeff picks the player and awards the medal. Saturday, at the game, one of the other dad's came over to Jeff and told him that he should award the medal this week to Alex. He knew that Jeff would be reluctant to give his own son an award, but the dad felt that Alex really deserved it.

So here is Alex's medal...
(I think both Alex and Jeff are really proud of it!)

2. While we're on the subject of Alex, we had a wild ride over the past week. Alex got called by one of the big area theaters to audition for a role that ended up open at the last minute. Alex wasn't quite right for the role (too short - by about 3" - and too young - by about three years), but they still wanted him to come audition. It was really a stretch, but it was such an honor just to be called in by them. Ultimately, the role went to someone older and a little taller. However, that wasn't such a bad thing though since the theater is out in the suburbs.

3. Clara is now officially on instrument #3. She has joined the school band and is playing the flute...

4. Finding boys' socks in black in harder than it sounds. Alex needs black socks for his school uniform. I found black ones no problem at Target this summer... however, my son has discovered that if you pull a certain string, it takes out all of the stitches and the toe portion of the sock falls off. He did it once by accident and a second time to make sure the first time wasn't just a fluke... sigh. I have been in entirely too many stores and not found a good selection of socks yet. The Macy's on State Street has a huge section of boys' suits, but not a single pair of dress socks. Strange, no?

5. Coming up with 10 things is a lot tougher than it sounds!

6. Tuesday nights are leftovers nights... I love leftovers nights. (I can't get that sentence to sound right... but you know what I mean)

7. Tonight was bring-a-friend night at Clara's fun jazz/tap class. She invited her BFF and they had a blast! I thought that this post needed more photos, so I took one with my phone. It's pretty much pointless... Clara is behind her instructor and you can barely see her friend. I'm including it anyway, for a little splash of color :-)

8. Our church is doing a children/youth fall musical again this year! They had taken a couple years off due to some staff changes. They're doing a musical about Noah and his family. Alex is Noah's son, Ham. And Clara is "Shem's wife". That's right... none of the wives have names, so she's just "Shem's wife". :-) Alex had been in a couple of the previous musicals, but this is Clara's first one! They're both having a lot of fun with it.

9. I'm tired. I walk a LOT running kids around every day. This morning I managed to walk about 13 or so blocks before 8:10! I try not to complain, since it's the only real exercise I get. I'm just not a gym person.

10. Clara has a plan for the theme of her birthday party and she's thinking the 50's. She's on etsy.com right now, shopping for a poodle skirt. I may concede to one, if she promises to wear it as her Halloween costume as well.

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  1. Life sounds busy :)

    Is Alex enjoying his school? Congrats to him on being asked to audition - that's great.

    Glad to see all is going well with Clara.