Thursday, January 12, 2012

13 things on Thursday...

I honestly don't know that I have thirteen things to write about, but it seemed to go with "Thursday" so I went with it. This is going to be one of those boring, wordy posts with no photos, but given that this is the closest thing I have to journal, I wanted to get a few things down before I forgot them.

1. Made the decision on Monday that I will not be attempting the photo-a-day project this year. I've failed at it for three straight years, it's time to give it up. Up until Monday, I had just happened to have taken a photo every day, so that was my decision day.

2. On Sunday Clara auditioned for her first ever non-home ballet school summer intensive. A group of her friends from class have been talking and decided to start auditioning together. There are a few more coming up. Now we're just waiting to see what happens (if anything)

3. This week Clara started rehearsals for the ballet academy production of Cinderella. She's a butterfly. :-)

4. Also, Monday marked Clara's first day to do pointe work at center in class! She's been limited to the barre before. She had had to do some pointe work at center in the audition on Sunday. So scary for her to have her first experience at center be in an audition!!

5. Alex is off to a fabulous start after break! He got the top score in his grade for their Code Worlds exam that they took before Christmas (Code Worlds is a math course with language arts).

6. I am really impressed with Alex's teachers at school! On Tuesday I get a random email during the day from one of teachers writing to let me know how well Alex was doing in class that day. That afternoon at pick-up, his homebase teacher stopped me. He wanted to let me know that Alex and another boy in their homebase had become really good friends and wondered if I minded if he put us in touch with the boy's parents so they could get together on the weekend sometime. How cool is that? I think it's great that his teacher cares that much! And finally, last night when I picked up Alex from game club, another teacher asked if Alex could join the band he was putting together. Right now it's one teacher on drums, the assistant principal on bass and the teacher that I was talking to and Alex on guitar! The thought cracks me up! They want to put something together to show the school to get people excited and then they'll start working with beginning guitar students. So far, this school has been an amazing fit for Alex!

7. I think I'm becoming addicted to pinterest.

8. There's a really good chance that my perfectly crafted after school activity schedule is going to implode quite soon. In addition to our knowns of Cinderella and Alex's spring young ensemble theater project, we have several more things that may or may not throw a wrench in the plan. Alex seems to think that he's about to graduate out of Rock 101 and will be performing in one of the School of Rock spring shows and Clara wants to audition for her school's spring musical. We'll see though... it's all speculation at the moment.

9. We will get Clara's science fair project experiment done this weekend (if I say it enough times, hopefully it will come true!). It's not due for a month, but the sooner she gets it done, the better!

10. ??

Okay... I didn't make it to 13, I didn't even make it to 10. But I think I got down everything I wanted to and now I need to go get something accomplished! I'm still working on our photos from break... I'll have those up later today!

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