Monday, January 23, 2012

New Year's Day!

New Year's Day we woke up to rain... but given that there was a Blizzard Warning in effect, we knew things would change. We took our time getting around and had breakfast (I tried a crockpot breakfast recipe I found online... not thinking I'll make that one again).

When the rain changed to snow, Jeff and Clara decided to go out skiing while crowds were light (Alex was wrapped up in his new xbox game)...
I went along to take some photos and Jeff's mom came too!

Notice anything different between these two photos? There was probably only about 20 minutes or so between the one above and the one below...Yes! Clara has on new bright green pants! The pants she had been wearing were hand-me-downs that had no waterproofing left in them. With the rain and wet snow that morning, her pants soaked right through from riding on the chairlift. She gave us the hard sell and off we went to the ski shop to shop for pants. But seriously... it's no fun to be out in the cold in wet pants, so it wasn't too hard to justify the purchase.

While watching for Jeff and Clara, look who snowboarded by...... it's Crystal Mountain's Snow Tiger, Snowball :-)

Not sure what's going on here...
Waving good-bye...
We were getting cold and wet and decided to head back to the house for a while. On the walk home, we ran into Jeff's dad who was just coming back from dropping off Donna to meet us. Anne got in the car and went back to watch Jeff and Clara ski with Donna. Then when I got back to the house, Alex announced that he was ready to ski. So, when Jeff's dad got back from dropping off Anne, he took Alex over! Quite the shuttle service!

They skied for quite a while, came back for lunch.... and then had other things planned for their afternoon!

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