Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another list...

No bullet points this time as I'm doing this on my phone and bullet points don't seem to be an option. :-)

1. Clara got the casting list for the school play. She's a towns person. She's not entirely pleased. Lesson learned though... if your teacher asks you if there is any particular role you want and you answer towns person, you shouldn't be shocked when that's what you get.

2. Alex just added voice to his guitar lessons. He's signed up for the Neil Young spring show, so guess what we'll be hearing a lot of!

3. Just got an email from church and Alex has been asked to do the "minute for missions" in front of the congregation in two services on February 5th. Perhaps I should go buy him some real church clothes. :-)

4. Clara has no school on Friday and we WILL get her science fair experiment done that day. Trying this again since last time I posted that here, it didn't happen.

5. As if we don't have enough going on, Clara wants to join Girls on the Run at school. I think it will be good for her, so we're going to try to make it work.

6. Alex's school implemented Hallway DJ this week. No more bells at the end of a class period. When the music starts playing, it's time to change classes!

7. Today is my errand day. I decided to go back to a store I was in a week and a half ago to pick up some things I opted not to buy at the time. Well... the store is gone. Seriously... do we really need another CVS right across the street from one Walgreen's and about two blocks from another one?

8. I'm on a whole wheat muffin making rampage. If you have any good recipes, please share! So far I've been making banana honey and pumpkin.

9. I'm a creature of habit and I've altered my errand day routine today. I'm regretting the switch a little... especially since the aforementioned store (which was the reason for the switch) no longer exists.

Okay. I've occupied this table long enough. Time to embrace the change and get out there!

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  1. We do something similar with our bell system on Fridays, a few teachers pump up the music (radio or CD) and the kids can then change classes. It's really fun for them and us teachers. (OK- back to work I go)